Our story – the rooted strength!

Each of us is like a reflection of the place from which we have arisen, inheriting its character and values. Whether it's the language and accent you're talking, the jokes only you laugh at, the traditions you respect, or the beer you enjoy. The small but special things that make you attractive. This is your rooted strength to be proud of.

We, the people of Piebalga, are proud of our corner as well. Here we have clean environment, great history, beautiful hills and dales of Vidzeme. The beautiful terrain is not appreciative for the agricultural processing, so the natives of Piebalga have always been creative people with strength who can make great things even out of the little. Great masters, craftsmen and high-calibre people of Latvian culture have come from us, creating and holding the special Latvian taste.

This determination and imagination for the people of Piebalga is present also in the brewing business. We like to brew beer as before, when taste was important, not just the ability to produce more. We are pleased with those who follow fashion and bring modern flavours to our land, but we consider our task to be the maintenance of a lively, traditional taste of Latvian beer. Therefore so much we do in the old fashioned way and are proud of it. We still brew the beer also in the open tanks, boiling its own must for each variety, so that they are not mixed together. We lay the beer in a real beer cellar, so that it is thoroughly prepared. We take water from our own borehole in the brewing process, and we are very proud of it, while in the fermentation process we use our own yeast, which we have been holding live for more than 20 years, in order to ensure a high quality and invariably Latvian taste.

But we can't be called stubborn. We are open and able to put traditions in a modern form. We are proud of our county and speak direct language, sometimes deriding the others. But we never utter empty words, our speech is always followed by deeds!

It's our dipper, you certainly have your own one. Maybe these are the customs of your neighbourhood, dances, songs that stir your heart, but maybe a bread with that special flavour that evokes memories and pride on your corner. But you know that when you choose Piebalgas beer, you will find an invariable Latvian taste that will give power to speeches and works. Remember, that strength comes from your roots!

Our beer – a constant Latvian taste

Piebalga is Latvia's most ecologically clean country, with a rich history and an irresistible landscape. We respect the roots of this county and brew the beer in the way the old neighbourhood brewers have done.

We achieve the specific nature and taste of Piebalgas beer because:
- We continue to brew consistently, following the traditions of the classical German Reinheitsgebot adopted of 1512 or the Brewers'Code of Honour.
- We are one of the rare breweries in Latvia, which still uses also open fermentation technology, thereby ensuring the uniqueness of beer born with its tantrums and tricks, and each brew must be cherished just like a little child.
- We grow our own yeast, which is a raw material unique and characteristic only to our brewery, with its own microclimate and environment. In order to ensure availability of the yeast, it has been safely stored at the Latvia University of Agriculture and is reared for the harvesting of lots.
- Our brewing skills are demonstrated by us through use of only four ingredients in production: borehole water itself, barley malt, hops and our own grown yeast.

Limited assortment of our brewery is filled by us in PET packaging, however, we strongly believe that real fermented beers and kvass have their place in glass bottles and metal kegs. As a socially responsible and nature-friendly company, we actively support re-collection and re-use of our glass containers in the manufacturing process.

The motto of the times of surveyors’ "Keep and stay up!" is unchanged today as well – moderate beer use is beneficial for our health.

Our History

In 1989, work is commenced by a brewery as an auxiliary production site of the "Piebalga" collective farm. The first beer is brewed for the Jāņi summer solstice festival!

The first original beer variety is created in 1991.

Privatisation of the brewery is taking place in 1993 and we take wing.

In 1995, we create a beer variety called "Piebalgas" beer, which becomes the company brand name and is our most recognizable product. The American Brewers Association certificate is awarded to "Piebalgas" beer and "Minhauzena" beer.

In 1998, we start growing our own yeast! "Piebalgas" beer is recognized as the most popular beer breed in the exhibition in the Riga Beer international beer competition, while "Senču" (Ancestry) beer receives a bronze medal.

In 1999, following the market demand, a limited range of products is also started to be filled by us in PET packaging. Our products are given the distinction of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia in the nomination "Latvian Goods for the 21st Century".

In 2000, the environmental management system is certified to meet the requirements of standard ISO 14001. For all of us, this means continuous development and improvement in the environment area.

In 2003, we are extending production through SAPARD co-financing. The maximum capacity is increasing to 5.5 million litres a year.

In 2004 for our 15-year anniversary, we created the "Jubilejas" beer, which is still produced and popular.

In 2005, we receive a significant recognition for ability of the company to guarantee the product safety in line with the EU food production requirements.

In 2006, "Minhauzena" beer gets a bronze medal, and "Piebalgas tumšais LUX" dark beer a bronze medal in the Riga Beer tasting.

In 2011, we start producing "Piebalgas" original kvass, which is cooked and naturally fermented, just like beer. We are also starting to fill the products in 0.33 l glass bottles.

In 2012, we introduce our own unique designed 0.5 l glass bottle with a cap.

In 2013, the competition for kvass and kvass (malt) beverages produced in the Baltic States, organised within the framework of the Riga Food 2013 international exhibition, yields 2nd place and a silver medal for "Piebalgas" original kvass.

Celebrating the brewery's 25 years in 2014, we created "Svētku" (Festivity) beer, which is special both for its taste and unique labels. So to say, a lot of festivities, one beer!

In 2015, the international beer tasting "Baltic Beer Star 2015" yields 3 silver medals for us: for "Piebalgas" beer in the beer group of Baltic-style lager beers, "Izvēlies Piebalgu" (Choose Piebalga) in the International-style Pilsen beer group, while the dark "Piebalgas tumšais LUX" in the Baltic-style Porter beer group.

In 2016, the "Piebalgas" original kvass gets silver medal in the "Baltic Beer Star 2015" international beer tasting.

In 2018, we begin with pride to produce a naturally fermented non-alcoholic beer, which has been worked out to be very tasteful, as we ourselves find.